Anodos helps trustees and executors save time, reduce risk, and fulfill their fiduciary duties.

PROBLEM: Few individuals have taken the time to organize their financial affairs so that the administration of their estate is not a burden on their surviving spouse or executor.

SOLUTION: Anodos reviews, organizes, and stores all of "Mom and Dad's" important documents in the online EstateVault.

PROBLEM: Few executors or trustees have the time, interest or experience to efficiently administer the settlement of an estate.


SOLUTION: Anodos helps executors settle the estate twice as fast at half the cost with lower risk.


The first year's fee is $300 per $1.0m of estate value, with a minimum fee of $3,000. The ongoing annual maintenance fee is 50% of the first year's fee.

The fixed fee is $3,000 per $1.0m of estate value, with a minimum fee of $12,000. This fee does not reduce the compensation paid to the executor/trustee and is paid by the estate/trust.

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Common Questions...

  • Does my spouse know where all our assets are?
  • Is my house titled in the trust?
  • How can I reduce the time and cost of the trust settlement?
  • What if the drafting attorney has retired or died?