PROBLEM: Few individuals have taken the time to organize their financial affairs so that the administration of their estate is not a burden on their surviving spouse or the executor.

Estate Vault

SOLUTION: Anodos reviews, organizes, and stores all of "Mom and Dad's" important documents in the online EstateVault.

How We Do It

Anodos interviews the EstateVault owner (typically, Mom or Dad) to find out all the details that are needed for the orderly settlement of their estate. Next, we coordinate document collection with the Vault owner's professional advisors - CPA, attorney, investment advisor, etc. Finally, we produce work product which is critical to the eventual settlement of the estate/trust.

Who Is Our Client

The Vault owner is "Mom" or "Dad", whose estate will need to be settled. The surviving spouse or estate executor, typically a family member or friend, is the beneficiary of the planning that is done by Anodos and the Vault owner.

What's Included

  • ESTATE BALANCE SHEET: A detailed listing of what you own, including the “source of truth” for the existence and value of each asset/liability.
  • TRUST KEY TERMS: Simple summary of important terms in the estate plan.
  • BENEFICIARY DESIGNATION INSTRUCTIONS: Organizing and saving the forms naming who gets what when you’re gone for the non-trust, non-probate assets you own, such as IRAs, life insurance, POD accounts, annuities, etc.
  • ESTATE TAX PRO FORMA: Figuring out if you will owe estate taxes when you die and exploring if/how you could lower them.
  • DEED RECORDS: Making sure your real property ownership titling is correct.
  • KEY CONTACTS: List of contact information for important people and advisors.
  • PERSONAL PROPERTY INSTRUCTIONS: Documenting who gets your belongings like cars, guitars, or special collections to avoid fights between beneficiaries.
  • "TREASURE MAP": Writing down where important things are kept, such as safety deposit keys, the combination to the safe, cash grandma hid throughout the house, etc.
  • TRUSTEE COMPENSATION: How much should the trustee get paid if anything?
  • ESTATE SETTLEMENT WORK PLAN: A detailed checklist of all the steps to settle the estate.


The first year's fee is $300 per $1.0m of estate value, with a minimum fee of $3,000. The ongoing annual maintenance fee is 50% of the first year's fee.

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Common Questions...

  • Am I sure the house is in the trust?
  • Do the kids know where the safety deposit box key is?
  • Is the beneficiary form for my IRA correct?
  • What is to be done with the collection of gold coins?