Investment Manager Review

Problem: Few trustees know how to test if their investment manager is meeting the trust objectives. 


Solution: Anodos helps trustees by conducting an investment manager review which demonstrates the trustee has fulfilled their oversight responsibilities.

What's Included

  • INVESTMENT POLICY STATEMENT REVIEW: We review the existing investment policy statement or other delegation documents to confirm they are compliant with the trustees duties. Where no governance documents exist we will create them on the trustee's behalf.
  • ALLOCATION REVIEW: We evaluate whether the current allocation is reasonable and consistent with the return objectives and risk expectations.
  • PERFORMANCE REVIEW: We create several independently set benchmarks to evaluate whether the return objectives and risk expectations established by the trustee have been accomplished.
  • FEE REVIEW: We evaluate whether the fees being charged by the investment manager are reasonable given the size and complexity of the portfolio.
  • PORTFOLIO STRESS TEST: We evaluate whether there is sufficient income and liquidity in the portfolio to meet the trust purposes during a period of market turmoil.

Simple Pricing


fixed fee

The fixed fee for the Investment Manager Review is $7,200. This fee does not reduce the compensation paid to the trustee, but is paid by the trust.

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Common Questions...

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  • How can I reduce the time and cost of the trust settlement?
  • How do I know if my investment manager is doing a good job?
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