The Annual Account

Problem: Few trustees fulfill their duty to provide an Annual Account (California Probate Code §16061) to the trust’s beneficiaries. Complicating this problem is that few tax professionals provide this service for their clients who are trustees. 


Solution: Anodos helps trustees by producing the Annual Account which reduces the trustee's risk.

What We Provide

  • Beginning assets and liabilities
  • Total receipts
  • Total distributions to beneficiary
  • Total trustee compensation
  • Total agents' compensation
  • Other disbursements and administrative expenses
  • Change in asset value during the reporting period
  • Ending assets and liabilities
  • Notice to the beneficiaries that they can have the account reviewed by the court
  • Notice to the beneficiaries they must bring an action before three years have elapsed

Simple Pricing


of Trust Corpus

The fee for the Annual Account is $300 per $1.0m of trust assets, with a minimum fee of $3,000. This fee does not reduce the compensation paid to the trustee, but is paid by the trust.

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