Trustee Fee Survey

Trustee Fees in California – Survey

What are standard trustee fees for a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary (CLPF)?

Anodos has conducted a comprehensive survey of the fees charged by California Licensed Professional Fiduciaries (CLPF). Our findings and observations are based upon the published fee schedules of over 15% of all active CLPFs.  Many CLPF’s will find this data helpful as they fulfill the requirement of the Business and Professional Code §6563 to publish a fee schedule on their website. CPAs and Attorneys who also serve as successor trustees and are exempt from the CLPF licensure may find this data helpful as they establish their compensation model. Finally, expert witnesses who are providing testimony on successor trustee compensation disputes may find this data helpful in their analysis.

California Business and Professional Code § 6563 requires that “On or before January 1, 2023, a licensee with an internet website shall post on that internet website a schedule or range of the licensee’s fees, including, but not limited to, hourly fees, for services offered.” 

What’s Included in this CLPF California Trustee Fee Survey:

  • The Average Hourly Rate for Fiduciary Services
  • The Average Hourly Rate for Fiduciary Services – Northern vs. Southern California
  • The Average Hourly Rate for Support Staff or CLPFs Performing Non-fiduciary Activities
  • Prevalence of Compensation Based on Asset Size
  • Care Management as a Distinct Service
  • Asset-Based Fees Paid to the Personal Representative for an Estate Settlement
  • Asset-Based Fees Paid to the Trustee for a Trust Administration
  • Observations and Recommendations
  • Exhibits

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The CLPF Trustee Fee Survey costs $200. CLFP’s are invited to purchase the Survey for a reduced fee of $100 if they also provide Anodos a copy of their own fee schedule to be included in the development of this CLPF fee database (send to