Trustee Compensation Study

Problem: Few trust documents define how much the trustee is to be paid, and many beneficiaries think the trustee is paid too much. 


Solution: Anodos helps define what level of compensation is appropriate for the successor trustee. 

What's Included

Trustee Compensation: We author a report which considers each of the factors that should be considered when establishing the trustees compensation:

  • The gross income of the trust estate
  • The success or failure of the trustee’s administration
  • Any unusual skill, expertise, or experience brought to the trustee’s work
  • The fidelity or disloyalty shown by the trustee to the office
  • The amount of risk and responsibility assumed by the trustee
  • The time spent in the performance of the trustee’s duties
  • The custom in the community regarding compensation authorized by settlors
  • The compensation allowed by the courts
  • The charges of corporate trustees for trusts of similar size and complexity
  • Whether the work performed was routine or required more than ordinary skill or judgment

Simple Pricing


fixed fee

The fixed fee for the Trustee Compensation Study is $7,200. This fee does not reduce the compensation paid to the trustee, but is paid by the trust.

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